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Woman in winter clothing on a sledge

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Are you looking for the perfect surprise for your nearest and dearest? Our gift finder has something for everyone: You’ll bring a smile to every face with these gifts – be they winter fans, ambitious outdoor enthusiasts, everyday adventurers, nature lovers and lifestyle experts.

Woman ski touring with a snowy mountain landscape in the background

The winter queen

She is already in her element, even before the winter season gets off the ground. She burns for icy slopes, freezing temperatures and fresh powder snow. It doesn’t take much to please her – anything to do with winter sports, tobogganing or a snowball fight.

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Woman in sportswear in a forest

The ambitious spirit

Any excuses? She doesn’t have any. Whatever the weather throws at her, she still heads outdoors in order to stay active. After all, she loves treks and long hikes out in the countryside more than anything else in the world, and is always kitted out perfectly for her ambitious undertakings.

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Woman with a daypack in a park in autumn

The everyday adventurer

She never stays in one spot for long and has mastered the art of embarking on spontaneous adventures at the drop of a hat. Even in her home town, she always manages to find something new to discover, thus escaping from her everyday life. As the master of spontaneity, this everyday adventurer is really pleased to receive practical and lightweight gifts that can accompany her on her expeditions.

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Woman leaning against a tree and smiling

The environmentalist

She loves nature above everything else. Whether it’s the forest, the beach or the desert – it’s when she’s outside that she truly thrives. Therefore, sustainability and environmental protection mean a lot to her, much more than a fleeting trend. She wants to make a real difference. That’s why it’s recycled materials and clean products that will really get her excited.

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Woman downtown with a daypack

The city dweller

She lives for the moment and is in her element in a bustling city. This urban terrain provides her with a new adventure every day. Keeping up with her isn’t so easy with her on-the-go approach to life. Always keen on ad hoc tours, she doesn’t waste any time and is always one step ahead of the current trends with her distinctive look.

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