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How should I store and maintain my tents and tarps?

On the go
A shaded pitch is better for the tent fabric as extended exposure to UV rays can lead to deterioration of the fabric over time. Use an underlay tarp (FLOORSAVER) to protect the groundsheet from dirt and damage. With our FAMILY tents, these tarps are supplied as standard. FLOORSAVERs for our other tents can be found in our range.

The tent should be cleaned with a soft sponge and lukewarm, mild soapy water after each tour. The tent should never be machine-washed, dry-cleaned or treated with an aggressive stain remover as this could damage the coating of the tent fabric. The formation of mould and mildew can be avoided if both the tent and the pack sack are stored completely dry. The tent is best stored unpacked in a dark and dry room and protected from dust and light (preferably in an air-permeable cotton bag). The zips should also be tested regularly, as they have a lot of strain placed on them – especially when it comes to tents. Zips that no longer run smoothly can be treated with silicone spray to improve performance. If a zip does not fasten correctly, simply squeeze the slider carefully with a pair of pliers to restore the grip. This trick works with any type of zip and can often save you a complete repair job.Before storing the tent, make sure you check the integrity of the seams and seam seals. Seam sealants are available at all good outdoor stores. Please take care to select the appropriate sealant for your tent material (i.e. silicone or PU coating). The tent should be pitched before treating. Leave the sealant to dry for approx. 10 hours (see instructions for use). When dry, it forms a flexible seal over the seam.

Over the course of time, and after extensive use, the outer surface of the tent fabric may become rough. This means that droplets of water do not drip off the fabric as easily. You can use our impregnating agent to resolve this issue, which can be found in-store impregnating.
All the information about caring for your tent can be found in the respective user manual here here.


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